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Ashford Hobby Website Loyalty Rewards Program

We know you have a lot of choices for your RC purchases and we want to show you that we really appreciate your business.  To show our appreciation we are now introducing the Ashford Hobby Website Loyalty Rewards Program. This program will reward returning website customers with an electronic gift card that can be used on any future website purchase from Ashford Hobby.

Ashford Hobby Website Loyalty Program Details & Requirements:
• Loyalty Program Calculations Based on WEBSITE ORDERS ONLY
• Loyalty Program will be earned on NEW orders placed after 1/1/2017
• Loyalty Program % based on Total value of website orders during previous 365 days
• Loyalty Program are Valid for 1 Year (365 days) from the date issued
• Loyalty Program dollars are Not transferable and will Not be paid put in cash
• Loyalty Program will Not be refunded in the case of a cancelled or returned order
• Sales Tax, Shipping and restocking fees do Not apply to Loyalty Program calculations.

Ashford Hobby Website Loyalty Program Calculations:

$ Spent During

Previous 365 Days

Reward Earned

(% of Current Order)

$0 - $100.99


$101 - $1000.99


$1001 - $9999.99


Example: If your website purchases over the last 365 days (not including the current order) were $500.00, you will have earned a Loyalty Reward of 2% of your purchases or $10.00.  Today you are going to purchase a kit worth $600.00, you would earn a Loyalty Reward of $12.00 (2% of your $600.00 purchase) and your earlier Loyalty Reward would be up graded to your new qualified rate of 3% or $15.00 Loyalty Rewards.  When combined with your current order the Loyalty Rewards total would now be $33.00, which can be used on your next website purchase, or saved for up to 1 year from your last purchase and grouped with other Loyalty Rewards for a even larger discount.

Finding your Ashford Hobby Website Loyalty Rewards Balance:
Your Loyalty Rewards are stored in our system as an electronic gift card. To see the Reward balance on your gift card, simply "login" on our website and then click on your name at the top of the screen. Your "Account" page will be displayed. Scroll down and find the category labeled "Gift Cards". You will see your Gift Card Serial Number and your Loyalty Program Reward balance listed.

Redeeming your Ashford Hobby Website Loyalty Rewards:
To redeem your Loyalty Program Rewards, simply copy/paste the Gift Card Serial Number into the "Gift Card" field in your shopping cart, BEFORE you proceed with checking out. The full balance of your gift card will be applied to the order, unless your order total is less than your gift card balance.